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How does SunlightSeal work?

Liquid glass insulation using nanotechnology.

SunLightSeal is a clear liquid nano coating that adheres to the inner surface of the glass.

After curing , this innovative coating forms a durable, non-toxic protective layer of seven microns

that blocks UV and infrared radiation from the sun, without blocking natural light.

With SunlightSeal you maintain optimum brightness day and night without affecting the view.


A safe and energy-saving solution
SunlightSeal, with its ultraviolet and infrared absorbers and color pigments, is a safe and extremely economical

solution for sun protection. SunlightSeal is environmentally friendly and will never flake, blister or bubble regardless of the weather. The coating can also kill pathogenic bacteria and reduce brooding. SunlightSeal is approved for the food and water industry.


Extended warranty

In contrast to conventional sun protection products, SunLightSeal can remain on your glass for a very long time with the right care. SunLightSeal comes with a 10 year warranty against peeling, tearing or cracking.

This gives you durable protection without the worries of reinstallation or tedious maintenance.

Windows treated with SunLightSeal do not require special maintenance .

The effect of SunlightSeal glass coating

An ideal sun protection system blocks UV radiation, allows visible light to pass through and blocks infrared radiation. The liquid coating of SunlightSeal not only blocks UV and infrared radiation, but also protects against discoloration of furniture and interior and it saves up to 35% on your energy costs.


It not only improves the living and working climate. Research has also shown that good sun protection increases the productivity of people. This way your investment is quickly earned back


Radiant heat

Sun rays are converted into radiant heat when they hit a surface such as glass.


SunLightSeal blocks 99% of all UV radiation and reduces heat loss by shielding up to 95% of infrared radiation.


This happens with little or no disruption to the passage of visible light.


You can still enjoy the natural daylight that shines through your windows.

Galss treated with SunlightSeal.png
Cooler in summer.png

Save in the summer

With SunLightSeal it will be considerably cooler indoors during summer. This reduces the energy consumption of the air conditioning by up to 35%.


Temperature measurements taken before and after the application of the coating showed a cooling effect of 5˚C to 15˚C in warm weather. The space must be at room temperature before the coating is applied (between 18˚C and 21˚C). Otherwise the heat cannot escape because the coating blocks the heat to the outside.


SunlightSeal is thus a cost-effective alternative to retro-fit double glazing or window film.

Save in winter

Because SunLightSeal blocks infrared rays, the radiant heat generated in the room by a heater or central heating remains in the room.


This ensures a constant and average radiant temperature in winter and maintains a comfortable warmth.


Radiant heat has been proven to make you feel warmer and more comfortable at a lower temperature.

This way you use less energy to stay warm.

Warm is winter.png

Radiation, glass and the solar spectrum

Glass that is coated with the SunlightSeal coating largely blocks infrared and UV radiation

from the solar spectrum. However, the radiation in the visible range of the spectrum is transmitted almost unobstructed, thus ensuring an optimally illuminated room.


The solar spectrum is usually divided into three frequencies:


Ultraviolet (UV) 280nm - 380nm
Visible light 380 nm - 780 nm
Infrared 780nm - 2,500nm

- Based on ISO9050 -


The energy distribution within the solar spectrum is approximately:


2% UV
47% Visible light
51% Infrared


It is important to note that the shorter the wavelength (i.e. lower nanometers) the higher the energy associated with the radiation. Hence, UV light with a shorter wavelength and high energy source causes people to get sunburn, fade tissues and deteriorate plastics.


The longer wavelengths (low energy radiation produced by visible light

and infrared frequencies) are less harmful.


Sun angle summer-winter.png

Radiant heat in the house

In the summer, the angle of the sun is much smaller than in the winter months. As a result, less solar heat falls through the glass, which also creates less radiant heat in the house.

In winter, when the angle of the sun is greater, the light and solar heat enter deeper into the house. This creates more radiant heat in the room.


The thermal nano coating on the inside of the window blocks radiant heat from, for example, a stove or central heating to the outside and ensures a constant and comfortable temperature.


This entails significant savings in annual energy costs.

Regular glass, without SunlightSeal coating, hardly reduces the solar heat radiation.

Nano coating from SunLightSeal, applied to regular glass panes, reduces infrared radiation

with 95% and UV solar radiation with no less than 99%.

SunlightSeal protects against discolouration of furniture and interior while retaining a

high visual light transmission!


SunlightSeal, the energy-saving glass coating!

Applying the coating

SunlightSeal glass coating is applied to the glass by our team of experienced professionals.

Your windows will be thoroughly cleaned, after which we apply the coating.


After applying the SunlightSeal coating, it dries within 2 hours.

After 7 hours, the nano coating will be completely cured and will become one with the glass.


SunLightSeal can be applied on almost all glass surfaces, including double glazing,

thermal glass and Low-E Glass.



SunlightSeal is recommended for office buildings, shops, houses, schools,

Greenhouses, and even for cars and public transport.
SunlightSeal is ideal for
large areas such as greenhouses and apartment complexes.

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